Engine Repair & Service

Engine repair indian trail engine serviceEuropean automobiles are known for that next level of engineering, performance, luxury. And that includes their engines. Anytime you are choosing a mechanic for your European engine, you need to know that they have the expertise, passion, and technology to take care of your baby. Kinetech Motor Werkes fits that description perfectly. That’s why we are confident in saying that we offer the best European engine repair in Indian Trail, NC.

Engine Service Indian Trail NC

It isn’t a secret that one of the best things you can do for a vehicle is to keep it serviced and maintained. One of the most important components to keep maintained is the engine. At Kinetech Motor Werkes, we provide comprehensive engine service to help you prevent breakdowns and hefty repair bills. Some of the engine maintenance services we offer include:

  • Oil changes
  • Timing belt or chain inspection and replacement
  • Spark plug inspection and replacement
  • Spark plug wire inspection and replacement
  • Thorough engine inspection

When your engine fails it just spells trouble. When you come to Kinetech Motor Werkes, our experts will make sure your engine is road-ready and problem-free.

Engine Testing & Diagnostics

Anytime your engine is acting up, an accurate diagnosis is crucial to getting you the repair that you need. At Kinetech Motor Werkes, we provide comprehensive engine testing and diagnostics before we ever start the repair. This saves you time spent in the waiting process, money on labor costs, and frustration over a repair that wasn’t done correctly the first time.

Engine Repair Indian Trail NC

There is a lot that could go wrong with your engine even if it has been well maintained through the years. While all makes and models require and engine expert, European vehicles need a technician who understands what makes European engines great. Kinetech Motor Werkes is that mechanic. We have all the expertise, supplies, and equipment needed to get your European engine back on the road.

Anytime your engine is acting up you need to bring it to our shop as soon as you can to prevent further damage. Some of the signs of engine trouble include:

  • Knocking noises under the hood
  • Oil leaks
  • Your check engine light is on
  • Misfires or trouble starting
  • Engine stalls
  • A decrease in engine performance or gas mileage
  • An increase in exhaust smoke

Your engine is important, don’t take chances. If you notice any of these signs or if your engine isn’t behaving like it normally does, it is time for a trip to Kinetech Motor Werkes for engine repair.

Engine Replacement

Nobody wants to have their engine replaced, but the fact of the matter is that sometimes engines are simply beyond repair. At Kinetech Motor Werkes, we want to stress that this is not the time to cut corners. We only use the absolute best quality engines in our replacements, so you know that they will last for years and miles to come.

Engine Repair Near Me

Whether it is time to have your vehicle serviced or you are looking for the best engine repair in Indian Trail, NC, Kinetech Motor Werkes is your local  mechanic. Contact us today for an appointment and we will get your BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, or VW back in great shape!


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