The two most important components of any vehicle are the engine and the transmission. These are also the two most important components to keep maintained and serviced in order to prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs. At Kinetech Motor Werkes, not only do we prove to have unbeatable repair and service for your European vehicle’s engine, but we also are proud to offer the best transmission repair in Indian Trail, NC for European automobiles.

Transmission Flush Indian Trail NC

Your European vehicle’s transmission is responsible for taking the power from your engine and transferring it to your wheels. That may sound simple, but the transmission is made up of quite a few smaller components that have to work together to make it happen. Having your transmission serviced allows your trusted mechanic to take a closer look and catch any potential problems that could affect the performance of your transmission.

Much like your engine, all of those smaller components need to be lubricated in order to cut down on friction and prevent wear and tear. And that responsibility falls on transmission fluid. Similar to motor oil, transmission fluid coats and lubricates all the components of your transmission, but it also breaks down as it ages and needs to be changed.

Kinetech Motor Werkes takes that fluid change another step and flushes out the old transmission fluid to keep it from contaminating the new fluid. For most automatic transmissions, we recommend that you have the transmission fluid flushed every 30,000 miles or so.

Clutch Replacement Indian Trail NC

The clutches in most transmissions typically need to be replaced every 60,000 miles, but some may need to be changed after only 30,000 miles. When you choose Kinetech Motor Werkes for your European clutch replacement, you can rest assured knowing that our transmission experts are dedicated to only using the very best parts in our clutch replacements.

Walnut Blasting & Intake Valve Cleaning

Carbon build-up in your intake valve can cause interference with your vehicle’s combustion chamber, the best way to get rid of this build-up and improve your engine’s performance is by removing that build-up. At Kinetech Motor Werkes, we use specializing walnut blasting to give you back the performance and horsepower you need. We prefer walnut blasting over sandblasting because it has the same cleaning power, but it is gentle enough not to damage your engine parts.

Transmissions Near Me

If you drive a German-made automobile, Kinetech Motor Werkes provides the best transmission repair and service in Indian Trail, NC. Call us today to schedule your next BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, or VW appointment.


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